We believe

that a kind digital world isn't a responsibility of merely a few. It needs everyone, individuals, institutions, politicians, social media companies, and more. We are working with diverse stakeholders to stop online hate.


We advocate with government agencies, INGOs, social media companies, UN agencies, CSOs, and academicians to build strcutures countering hate speech and misinformation.

Social Media Campaigns

We use social media advocacy to build resistance against hate. Online communities empowered by skills of digital peace break the chain of hate speech.

External Reports

We utilize our data driven insights to report the nature and impact of hate speech on online communities. Our knowledge advocacy also include digital experiments and their results.

Our co-founders participated in regional advocacy event in SAARC Secretariat, Nepal.

Our co-founder met with the EU Delegation in Thailand to address efforts in mitigating prevention of online violence.

Our co-founders participated as panelists on Youth for Peace International Twitter Space to discuss the theme, "Building Digital Safe Spaces in South Asia".

Our co-founder facilitated a design workshop with India HCI Professionals on Prevention of Online Hate Speech in South Asia.

Our co-founder shared their experiences surrounding regional advocacy event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our co-founder shared their insights in UN ECOSOC Youth Forum on addressing online hate speech through youth-led efforts in building strong, equitable institutions (SDG16).

Our co-founder participated in the National Advocacy Mission with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports on empowering youth in online digital spaces.

Three co-founders participated in an Instagram Live hosted by Youth for Peace International on the theme, "Safe and inclusive digital spaces".

Our co-founder was peer-selected into Agamishaala, a justice innovation program, due to their efforts in advocating against harm caused by hate speech in online South Asian spaces.

Our co-founder participated in ALLY National Advocacy Mission with UNDP to highlight creation of peaceful, just and strong institutions to counter hate speech.

Our co-founder participated in a youth-led session on 'Young People's Democratic Participation and Resiliency: Cyber-bullying and Hate Speech", organized by ActionAid, Bangladesh.

Our co-founder spoke on #InternationalYouthDay, organized by Indian Coalition on YPS on the intersection of mental health and conflict and importance of empowering youth in this domain.